Iconoclasm v1.8.2 update

스프링보드 레이아웃을 여러가지 설정으로 변경

Repo : ModMyi

Price : $3.00

시디아 트윅 Iconoclasm v1.8.2 update 되었습니다.

iOS 6.1.2 버전 호환이 됩니다.

deb 파일 다운로드는 맨 아래쪽에 보시면 주황색으로 링크가 되어 있습니다.(무료만 링크 활성화됨)

자세한 사용법은 아래의 동영상을 보시면 이해가 가장 빠르리라 생각이 됩니다.

Cydia Tweak Iconoclasm has been update, Iconoclasm 1.8.2 works with iOS 5 or higher.

Iconoclasm v1.8.2 tweak for lets you break the barriers of what you can do with your icons. Previously, you had to deal with multiple extensions that didn’t necessarily play nice with each other, or use blank web clips.

With Iconoclasm deb you can define as many rows or columns you want. You can even break free from rows and columns, and simply have icons placed freely on your home screen. It’s all up to you.

Cydia Tweak Iconoclasm 1.8.2

Cydia Tweak Iconoclasm 1.8.2

Cydia Tweak Iconoclasm 1.8.2

What’s new in Iconoclasm version 1.8.2

  • Fixed icon positioning issues when Infiniboard 2.0 is being used alongside a uniform layout.
  • There are some fixes in Infiniboard 2.0.1 as well so please update that to all the fixes necessary for Infiniboard and Iconoclasm to play along.
  • Per-page layouts and Infiniboard don’t play along particularly well at the moment, so they will be disabled if Infiniboard is found.

Download Iconoclasm 1.8.2 available in Cydia via the ModMyi Repo for $3.00 and supports iOS 6.

원문출처 : http://idroid.us/cydia-tweak-iconoclasm-1-8-2.html

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