FolderEnhancer v1.9.7-1 update

Repo : BigBoss

Price : $2.49

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시디아 트윅 FolderEnhancer v1.9.7-1 update 되었습니다.

iOS 6.1.2 버전 호환이 됩니다.

deb 파일 다운로드는 맨 아래쪽에 보시면 주황색으로 링크가 되어 있습니다.(무료만 링크 활성화됨)

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Cydia Tweak FolderEnhancer has been update, FolderEnhancer 1.9.7-1 works with iOS 5 or higher.

FolderEnhancer v1.9.7-1 tweak for provides experimental option to hiding the page indicator now and adjusted height of folder view on iPhone/iPod touch. If you have iPad and facing the issue of portrait layout then here is the solution for you.

FolderEnhancer deb provides you the workable solution for folders accessing and organization. FolderEnhancer for iphone supports you to open the Folders Fast and easily. This tweak brought ability to put apps and bookmarks into folders. But that is not for a vast limit, the implementation of this application is so limited. You can also create many pages of icons inside the folders.

Cydia Tweak FolderEnhancer 1.9.7 1

Cydia Tweak FolderEnhancer 1.9.7 1

Features FolderEnhancer 1.9.7-1

  • Open folders faster.
  • Create multiple pages of icons in folders.
  • Create folders in folders.
  • Create folders directly on the dock.
  • Customize the appearance and behavior of folders.

It enhances other extensions:

  • Supports Barrel for unique page transition animations in folders.
  • Supports Iconoclasm for custom layouts in folders.
  • Extends MultiIconMover to allow moving multiple icons into and out of folders.

What’s new in FolderEnhancer version 1.9.7-1

  • FIX: Iconoclasm
    • Crash would occur when using a folder layout with 9 or less icons (as applied via Iconoclasm or any other custom grid tweak).
  • FIX: Notification Center
    • On iOS 6, scrolling inside a folder would cause the notification center to become inaccessible.
  • FIX: Cache Icon Images
    • Prevent this option from affecting Newsstand; caching Newsstand icons may prevent covers from updating.

Download FolderEnhancer 1.9.7-1 available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for $2.49 and supports iOS 6.1.2

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