Auto App Killer v3.0.1 update

Repo : BigBoss

Price : $2.99

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시디아 트윅 Auto App Killer v3.0.1 update 되었습니다.

iOS 6.1.2 버전 호환이 됩니다.

deb 파일 다운로드는 맨 아래쪽에 보시면 주황색으로 링크가 되어 있습니다.(무료만 링크 활성화됨)

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Cydia Tweak Auto App Killer has been update, Auto App Killer 3.0.1 works with iOS 5 or higher.

Auto App Killer v3.0.1 helps your device run smoothly by automatically killing applications after you reach a certain amount of RAM space (which you set in the settings). 

Doing so will keep your device at or above this amount of RAM to ensure you have plenty of active memory for anything you do on your device. 

Whenever you close an application on your device it stays open in the background for quick access later. The downside to this is the only way to truly close an application, and stop it using precious RAM, is to use the application switcher bar and kill the app yourself.

This will not kill apps that are currently doing background processes (downloading something, playing music, receiving GPS information, VOIP, etc.). I.E. Pandora will not be killed if its playing music. 

This is done on purpose as to not ruin your experience while using your device. 

Works for iPods and iPhones only.

Cydia Tweak Auto App Killer 3.0.1

Cydia Tweak Auto App Killer 3.0.1

Cydia Tweak Auto App Killer 3.0.1

Features Auto App Killer 3.0.1

  • Set the free RAM space that you want Auto App Killer to activate

What’s new in Auto App Killer version 3.0.1

  • Minor stability updates

Download Auto App Killer 3.0.1 available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for $2.99 and supports iOS 6.1.2

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