Dock v2.2.7-1 update

Repo : BigBoss

Price : $4.99

독 화면을 맥의 OSX 스타일의 독으로 변경

시디아 트윅 Dock v2.2.7-1 update 되었습니다.

iOS 6.1.2 버전 호환이 됩니다.

deb 파일 다운로드는 맨 아래쪽에 보시면 주황색으로 링크가 되어 있습니다.(무료만 링크 활성화됨)

자세한 사용법은 아래의 동영상을 보시면 이해가 가장 빠르리라 생각이 됩니다.

Cydia Tweak Dock has been updated, Dock 2.2.7-1 works with iOS 5 or higher.

Dock v2.2.7-1 is an app like Dock of Mac OSX, that can oversee the culture processes, application shortcuts, swiftly switching between apps. Enterprise simple and also swift.

Cydia Tweak Dock 2.2.7 1

Cydia Tweak Dock 2.2.7 1

Cydia Tweak Dock 2.2.7 1

Features Dock 2.2.7-1

  • Now support iPad.
  • Multi-task manage,background app quickly switch.
  • Customizable app shortcuts, you can add many app as shortcuts.
  • Quickly open app and quickly switch between apps, in the lock-screen can also be operational.
  • More than one way to show Dock,double tap Statusbar,short hold Statusbar,double tap home button,short hold home button,left/right corner slide up, QuickDo gestures.
  • A variety of display, rotating icons and does not rotate.
  • iOS4 folder support,themes support

What’s new in Dock version 2.2.7-1

  • Optimization

Download Dock 2.2.4-2 available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for $4.99 + 3 day free trial and supports iOS 6.1.2

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